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If you are an author who has a book you believe will be great reading for a boy please fill out the information below or for a MS Word copy of the questions email to

We are always looking to expand boy’s libraries and appreciate authors taking the time to fill out our questions so we can feature them on the site.

Boys Reading Club

Dear Author,

As someone who has worked in elementary and middle schools for years I have a real desire to see our boys grow to have a love for reading.  I am starting a website with the aim of promoting reading for boys. I have the following goals:

For boys birth to age 15 Boys Reading Club aims to:

  • Help boys find books they will enjoy reading
  • Encourage parents to create incentives for boys to read books
  • Foster interest in reading through fun and contests

The website is fulfilling the first goal by getting boys to submit their “fave five” so that others can search for a book they enjoy, see who else enjoyed that book and what other books that boy enjoyed.

We also want boys and parents to be able to search through genres, interest level, reading level, and book formats to get a list of possible books.

Because you are an author of a book I believe boys may enjoy reading I am reaching out to see if you can help expand book choices for boys.

It is our intention to use your answers in a blog post under the “Author” category on our website. We will list your book with a picture of the jacket cover, the answers to the questions and if you would like we can post a provided picture of you.

Thanks for investing into the literacy of boys.



If you would rather you can copy the following and paste it into an email. Then email it to: mark at

Please list your book title and ISBN, your name and your website.

Do you have a website we can link to (will appear at the end of the post)?

For your bio, please list a link to your official bio or add one here (will appear at the end of the post):

Questions on the book. The first 4 questions are important for when parents or boys search for certain types of books. If different, I have placed in parenthesis how the question will be labeled in the blog post. It will be followed by your answer.

What ages will enjoy your book?

Please tell us the official reading level or reading age if your publisher provided this information.

What format is the book available in and where is the book available to buy?

What genre is your book?

Tells us something fun about yourself. (Welcome to Boys Reading Club, tell us about yourself.)

Briefly describe what your book is about (What is {book title here} about?)

Describe how/why the boys will relate to the central character, or a main character. (In {book title here} who will boys relate to?)

In general boys like fiction books that remind them of tactile experiences, funny or silly stories, adventure, some sort of conquest or battle, sports or competition, an honorable character, mysteries etc. They also like all sorts of nonfiction. They will often enjoy books in less traditional formats such as graphic novels.   Why do you think your book appeals to boys? (Why will boys enjoy your book?)

Finally the blog post concludes with an “open” 3 paragraphs to tell us what you want a boy or the boy’s parents to know about the book. Anything personal that shows up in the book? Is there a funny story in the writing of the book? Is the book morally redeeming? Does it teach boys something? Anything you want:


Thanks for participating.

Mark Strohm
Boys Reading Club
mark – at –
(484) 424-9555

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