No App Can Replace Your Lap

Why we need to read more to our boys.

The human connection is so important. This week I attended a seminar on Attachment Trauma. One thing we learned: Our children not only depend on us for safety and love, but they depend on us physiologically (the body functioning well.) As caretakers and parents we need to give dozens of points of contact each day. From kisses, hugs, verbal affirmations, eye contact, and our full attention. Children not only desire, but need these connections.

A wonderful way to connect with your son in body, mind and spirit is to enjoy a great book together! By letting your son sit on your lap while reading to him you will be giving him physical touch, engaging together mentally as you both follow the same story and even emotionally as you both “experience” the story.

And you will be expanding his brain as well.

So stop putting it off. Find a great book that your son will love, let him crawl up on your lap, at least for part of the time and start reading to him!

To learn more, including a set of questions to help with comprehension also read: Read to Your Elementary Son

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